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Leave your desk confident that your information is safe and protected. No need to minimize applications, turn off the monitor, or reboot when someone enters your office or cubicle. Quickly hide confidential files, patient records, or a heated game of solitare with one click of your USB foot switch. Your workspace will stay clutter-free with this discreet foot pedal, which hides conveniently under your desk. Mute the sound, hide the taskbar, hide all desktop icons, and password protect the restore function at the same time!

Instant Computer Privacy!
StealthSwitch™ is a microprocessor based computer privacy device. StealthSwitch™ uses patent pending technology to instantly and completely hide applications with a press of the footswitch. The applications are not just minimized…they are made completely invisible. No more minimizing applications, turning off the monitor, or re-booting when someone enters your office or cubicle. With a simple click of the foot switch, you can instantly hide the current window, hide all open windows, or hide all open windows except certain windows. And the best part – because the StealthSwitch™ is under your desk, no one will notice. When they leave your office, simply click the foot switch again and your programs are back just the way they were. StealthSwitch™ can also mute the sound, hide the taskbar, hide all desktop icons, and password protect the restore function all at the same time.

Top Pro Features:

  • Program any keystroke or hotkey
  • Function keys
  • Launch a website
  • Launch a program
  • Mouse clicks (right click, left click, double click, etc)
  • Hide current window
  • Hide all open windows
  • Lock computer
  • Autorun at system startup
  • Password protect access to restore and configuration
  • Mute sound when hiding windows
  • Play distinctive StealthSwitchTM sound when hiding windows
  • Application Launcher– Start a specific application when hiding windows (if it is not already open)
  • Display the StealthSwitch Icon, animate the StealthSwitch icon, or no icon
  • Hide taskbar when hiding windows
  • Hide all desktop icons when hiding windows
  • Timed hide – hide windows after a specified period of inactivity

StealthSwitch Pro Works With: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, Mac OS X through OS X v10.9 Mavericks

Includes: StealthSwitch w/ 6′ USB Cable, Install CD, Pro Software Upgrade, Quick Installation Guide, One Year Limited Warranty

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